Our expertise includes the knowledge and skills that enable us to master the challenges you face. Our portfolio speaks for itself. We can offer you our advice during all order processes and during the implementation. Daetwyler Industries offers quality – for a lifetime.

Daetwyler Industries employees during the material preparation at one of the machines

Material preparation

The exact material preparation is the basis for the precise manufacture of our products.Our laser technology cuts sheet steel of up to 15 mm, non-ferrous metals of up to 10 mm thickness and sheet metal of up to 4000 x 2000 mm.

The CNC-guided bending press allows material strengths of up to 12 mm and bending lengths of a maximum of 4100 mm.Our fully automatic saw can be pre-programmed to cut in the millimeter range.


Welding machine beds and weldments of up to 12 tons are part of our core business. We manufacture prototypes, individual pieces and series.

Challenging and geometrically complex containers, tubes and unfinished parts are trimmed in-house and skillfully welded. We pay great attention to cleanliness and aesthetics.

Titan, aluminium, chrome or construction steel – we do them all!

Daetwyler Industries employee during high-precision welding
A Daetwyler Industries employee working at a milling machine for cubic large-scale components


Our milling machines for cubic large-scale components process work pieces of up to 12 meters length and a total weight of up to 64 tons with highest precision and quality.

Our strength in this area is the processing of complex weldments and cast bodies.


With our modern and high-precision processing machines we sand your work pieces in the range of µ. For this purpose, we have two Waldrich-type machines available; they can process building components with a length of up to 12 meters and a weight of up to 45 tons per piece.The achievable geometric tolerances speak for themselves:
Flatness 0.004 on 2m x 2m
Rectitude 0.002 on 3 metres
Parallelism 0.002 on 1 metre
Make use of our possibilities!

High-precision processing machine sands work piece
Daetwyler Industries employees during the assembly of a complex facility


We offer assembly services tailored to customers’ requirements: From mechanical to electric assembly groups to the complete assembly of complex plants.

Our motivated expert personnel and our many years of experience enable the efficient and high-quality and at the same time inexpensive assembly.


For composite constructions with excellent dampening characteristics, the required elements (threads, cable routing, and bushing) are placed and moulded in advance.

The high integration of functions in combination with the functional filling materials offers new and innovative construction possibilities.

We use Daetwynol for filling – a specially developed cement-bound mineral mixture.

Filling of a composite construction with Daetwynol
Daetwyler Industries employees while depicting the customer’s colour choice and using the wet procedure.


A careful pre-treatment is the most important basis for high-quality coatings. Parts are pre-treated based on their material, their desired properties and their size.

We can degrease, sand and putty. Priming and lacquering is performed with the wet procedure, either with one or two components, and it can be done with all available colors.The customer can choose the color supplier and the brand.


We use an electronically controlled annealing furnace for workpieces of up to 10 metres in length, 2.5 metres in width, and 2.5 metres in height, with a loading capacity of up to 25 tons. The maximum annealing temperature is 1000° Celsius.

The annealing process or the annealing curve can be adjusted to customers’ requests; annealing protocols are included in the delivery.

Our annealing furnace is one of the largest in Europe.

Daetwyler Industries employee slides workpiece into the electronically controlled annealing furnace
Daetwyler Industries employee treats a weldment with sandblasting.


Weldments are sandblasted before being lacquered. For this purpose, a hermetically lockable sandblasting cabin with an interior of 2500 x 2500 x 10,000 mm is used.

Small parts of up to 600 x 600 x 600 mm, especially those from stainless steel, are glass bead blasted.

Individual orders

We apply our know-how in your construction. To this end, our specialists in the fields of engineering, manufacturing and quality are at your disposal.

We will gladly support you in the development of your specific constructions in order to achieve optimal results with highest precision. Work closely with us and let the results convince you.

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