We want to protect our employees, therefore we continuously invest in accident prevention. Together with the SUVA, we held an occupational safety course for our line managers.

The third shift in Ursenbach runs automatically

Proximity instead of long distances. In June 2021, the employees, who are almost constantly in direct contact with production, moved into the new office container in the production hall.

To standardize, simplify and automate the welding processes for stainless steel pipes, our company invested in enclosed orbital welding.

Clean, hygienic and modern - Smoke 'n Go

Less paper and always up-to-date data.

MDC Max Dätwyler Eesti AS was registered on November 30, 1994.

For the fourth year in a row, we organize health-oriented activities for our employees at MDC Max Daetwyler Eesti AS, to raise employee awareness and promote healthy lifestyles.

This year, several employees in our company completed internal training or helped out in other departments for a certain period of time.

On SUVA's tripping course, our employees have experienced what everyday situations can lead to falls.

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