In close partnership with EVAC, our company manufactures customized solutions for one of the world leaders in the field of water and waste treatment systems for ships.
Our history with EVAC started in 2009 when we were able to lacquer the first water treatment container of this prestigious Finnish company. Good quality, commitment and simple communication drew the attention of the customer to us and go them into working on more complex projects with us.

Today we manufacture very diverse facilities for EVAC, whether it is for new ships, retrofits or offshore stations. In our factory, vacuum aggregates such as OnlineMax or OnlineFlex, water treatment facilities such as MBRs (grease separators) for the treatment of oils, greases, etc. are manufactured. Supply and disposal pipes made from stainless steel are also part of our manufacturing line; some of the Aida and global ships are equipped with these products. All facilities are manufactured in close cooperation with EVAC’s designers, engineers and end customers. None of these facilities are identical, there are always adaptations according to the customers’ needs and wishes. Lively and direct communication, openness, commitment, high quality and flexibility are the preconditions that enable the manufacture of these products by MDC Estonia. This is how EVAC describes themselves: With our innovative and customized solutions and services in the last 40 years, we contributed to the leading global players in the ship industry and in the construction and offshore industry, so they could reduce their ecological footprint significantly. We at MDC Estonia are proud and grateful to be a part of this with our services and can make our contribution for a greener future.

  • Material preparation
  • Welding
  • Sandblasting
  • Depicting
  • Assembly
  • Individual orders


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