With the implementation of the undulators for the PSI research project SwissFEL, all disciplines of the modern project management could be covered in Ursenbach.
Through the co-engineering where Daetwyler Industries could support the undulator development significantly in close cooperation with the customer, the foundation was laid for a well-engineered serial product with economic manufacturability.

The complete production of specific building components, the purchase of the standardized components, the assembly of the equipment and the logistic challenges make this project in every aspect a unique challenge.

Daetwyler Industries are proud to have participated in this project and in doing so have served science. This is a milestone in the history of our enterprise.

  • Processing of large parts Milling and Sanding
  • Assembly
  • Project management

Here is what our customers say

“For our new research facility, we needed a series of highly complex devices. MDC Daetwyler Industries was the partner we needed to manufacture the components weighing tons with the required precision in the range of micrometres. Equally important were the many years of experience of MDC in the field of industrialization and serial production. The consultations regarding the technical feasibility during the development phase were essential for us so as not to exceed neither our budget nor our time frame.”
Romain Ganter – Athos Machine Project Leader, PSI
Portraitbild von Romain Ganter, PSI


The water and waste treatment systems for ships are manufactured in close cooperation with our company.

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